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  • What is vertical integration to AdvanTec Industrial?

    Vertical integration is the ability of AdvanTec Industrial to offer a comprehensive suite of manufacturing and integration services by integrating the manufacturing and integration capabilities of all of the companies in its portfolio. Companies that make up AdvanTec Industrial are Surround Technologies Inc., Advanced FLow Systems and Advanced Bending Technologies. Together they form AdvanTec Industrial which is a vertically integrated single point of contact that the market can engage should the capabilities of more than one company in the portfolio be required on a specific project/program.

  • What is a "turnkey" solution?

    A 'turnkey" solution is our ability to provide our client with a "fire and forget" solution for manufacturing. Our clients provide us with all of the necessary information required to manufacture their products/systems and AdvanTec Industrial will ensure that the system is ready to be picked up at one of our facilities and delivered to the owner or to our clients for additional work, if so required. AdvanTec Industrial can take on the entire manufacturing scope of work (SOW) should that be required or a partial one delivering subassemblies/components that are then ready for final integration by the client.

  • How robust is AdvanTec's supply chain?

    AdvanTec Industrial has significant purchasing power. Due to the volume of projects/programs going through our multiple facilities we are able to work with our suppliers and vendors to obtain competitive pricing and pass on those savings to our clients. Our supply chain department carries decades of collective experience and is able to source commodities (raw material & parts) both nationally and internationally and achieve impressive results.

  • Does AdvanTec have the ability to scale up production quickly?

    AdvanTec Industrial combined has over 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its disposal. Employing over 900 across six facilities,  enabling the group to respond quickly to our clients needs.  Our manufacturing teams are cross-trained and can move efficiently from one task to another without the need for further training.  We tightly monitor our work schedules and can add shifts as required to add capacity in any of our plants.

    AdvanTec has a proven track record of enabling its clients to meet aggressive manufacturing ramp-ups without sacrificing quality or cost.

  • Can AdvanTec help my company meet "Made in America" content regulations?

    AdvanTec Industrial has facilities in both Canada and the United States. This capability allows us to manufacture and integrate in both countries. Our Oregon facility boasts a wide array of capabilities as well as ample productions pace to meet most manufacturing needs. AdvanTec can look at a clients specific manufacturing need and find the optimum solution that will ensure the product meets all state/provincial and federal regulatory requirements while ensuring manufacturing and cost efficiencies.

  • At what point does DFMA (design for manufacturing) become relevant in the program lifecycle?

    Design for Manufacturing (DFMA) is a continuous process that should be implemented at the productconceptualization stage and carried through the prototyping stage and all the way through the manufacturing scale up phase. There is not set phase at which it is critical for this to occur due to the fact that every phase presents a new opportunity to optimize product design to suit a manufacturing capability or a manufacturing need.

  • What type of engineering services do you offer?

    AdvanTec Industrial does not engage in process design engineering of systems. However AdvanTec Industrial possesses significant engineering capabilities to support our clients in manufacturing. Our engineering group consists of electrical, mechanical and structural engineers that can ensure our clients engineering design is ready for manufacturing and that our clients drawings meet our manufacturing needs as well as those of various regulatory bodies.

  • Do you offer various Mechanical Fabrication options?


    AdvanTec Industrial is able to manufacture custom designed pressure vessels and custom designed enclosures. This unique capability enables us to then integrate these two elements and provide the market with a turnkey solution that allows our clients to, in some examples, have a fully manufactured and tested self-contained system delivered in a fraction of the time and cost that a site built and integrated system would normally take.

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Relationships Matter

We’ve manufactured and serviced for many Fortune 500 companies over the years. At Surround Technologies, it’s all about relationships.

  • Enclosures

    We take the time to design your enclosure to ensure the highest quality.

    The team at Surround Technologies utilizes its combine years of experience to design your enclosure to meet with your specifications and to ensure it will perform for many years to come.  

  • Packaging and Shipping

    We package and ship your project to your location for installation.

    To ensure that your product is not be damaged during shipping, Surround Technologies will remove all exterior components, package and clearly mark them separately, for easy installation.

  • Control Rooms

    Innovative Solutions, Superior Project Management & Quality Assurance

    Industry leader, Surround Technologies offers cutting-edge features to increase your equipment’s efficiency, performance and life. 

The Surround Technologies Process

Transforming Manufacturing Into a Shared Creative Experience


CONSULT. The AdvanTec Industrial experience starts with “Consult”, It’s important we get to know you first. We are committed to delivering solutions to meet customer requirements using our process of customer consultation, creative and collaborative thinking, innovative design solutions, and world class manufacturing systems. You will find an experienced, dedicated cross functional team anxious to spend time understanding your needs.

Our Process : Consult


CREATE. Clients need manufacturing partners who think creatively – partners who can meet needs in new, innovative and cost effective ways. AdvanTec Industrial takes great pride in bringing innovation into each step of its manufacturing process. Each project is led by a strong project management team comprised of experts in different areas.

Our Process : Create


DESIGN. Different by design; AdvanTec Industrial doesn’t approach projects like most others. Experience innovation in design. Continually learning how things can be done better; more cost effectively, and faster through collaboration with all our partners (customers, external expertise and internal expertise).

Our Process : Design


MANUFACTURE. Where it starts taking shape; We have pride in every step of the process. That’s our standard. Manufacturing is where it all comes together; watching solutions for our customers come to life on our manufacturing center floors

Our Process : Manufacture


DELIVER. AdvanTec Industrial doesn’t focus on delivering just a product. The deliverable for us is the promise. We’re committed to every facet of the promise we make each day to our employees, our clients, to the marketplace, and to the industry. Our promise is to provide a shared creative experience with all our stakeholders

Our Process : Deliver

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