Surround Technologies is owned by AdvanTec Global Innovations which operates two groups of companies:
The Industrial Technologies Group and The Marine Technologies Group.


Advanced Industrial Technologies Group consists of Advanced Bending Technologies, Surround Technologies and Advanced Flow Systems. AIT provides manufactured solutions to industries including oil & gas, mining, utilities, and construction.
Advanced Bending Technologies ABT is an industry leader in structural bending, pipe bending, low deformation bending and forming of structural steel. Advanced Bending serves clients around the world from architectural designers, to equipment manufacturers and major utilities.
Advanced Flow Systems AFS is a custom manufacturer of steel pipe solutions including pressure vessels, tanks, exchangers, modules and other related ASME welded products for industries around the world.


Advanced Marine Technologies Group consists of Diamond Sea Glaze, Steelhead Marine and Manly Marine Enclosures. AMT provides marine engineering and manufacturing solutions worldwide.
Diamond Sea Glaze designs and manufactures custom windows, doors and hatches for clients around the world. Serving the unique closure needs of Pleasure and Yacht, Commercial Marine, Security and Heavy Equipment operators, DSG delivers sleek, strong and secure closures.
Steelhead Marine manufactures the world’s lightest and strongest cranes and davits for yacht builders and provides a global service network.
Manly Marine Enclosures is an industry leader with over 65 years experience in manufacturing marine doors, hatches and windows for all marine applications including cruise ships, ferries, tankers, freighters, fishing vessels, yachts and off-shore drilling platforms.
Freeman Marine Equipment outfits vessels around the world with the very best in watertight marine closures.


“Surround Technologies gave us a “plug and play” solution, eliminating a lot of site work which would have escalated the costs. It worked out well and was the right way to go.”
“The project was completed on time given the challenges and on budget according to the technical specification.”
“We had a very aggressive project timeline and Surround was the only group that said they could meet our deadline. They delivered on their promises and our project was completed on time and on budget.”
“I have been working with Surround Technologies for the past 3 years. They were very professional, accommodating and easy to deal with...”
“They were very professional, accommodating and easy to deal with. The staff at ST was very knowledgeable.”