Packaging and Shipping

When your project is completed it is then packaged and shipped to you for installation.

Surround Technologies offers the following packaging options:

  • Crating
  • Plastic Shrink wrapping
  • Tarping

We will keep your shipment dry with the following moisture abatement options:

  • Desiccant
  • Transport and storage heater

To ensure that your product will not be damaged during shipping, Surround Technologies will remove all exterior components which are packaged separately – and clearly marked – for easy installation.





All Surround Technologies shipments are accompanied with a detailed packing slip and any required documents necessary for international destinations.


“They were very professional, accommodating and easy to deal with. The staff at ST was very knowledgeable.”
“We toured Surround Technologies facilities in Maple Ridge BC and we were very impressed at the scope of the operation...”
“We had a very aggressive project timeline and Surround was the only group that said they could meet our deadline. They delivered on their promises and our project was completed on time and on budget.”
“Surround Technologies gave us a “plug and play” solution, eliminating a lot of site work which would have escalated the costs. It worked out well and was the right way to go.”
"The project was completed on time given the challenges and on budget according to the technical specification. Working with them was better than with some other suppliers…"