Personnel Enclosures

Surround Technologies is an industry leader in providing high quality innovative Personnel Enclosures; including:

  • Operator Cabs
  • Crane Cabs
  • Site Services Buildings:
    • Offices
    • Lunch Rooms
    • Washrooms
    • First Aid Rooms
  • Operator Control Rooms

Surround Technologies offers many innovative features to increase equipment efficiency, the life of the equipment and provide a better overall value and therefore increased return on investment in your equipment. Features include:

  • Refined interior finishes such as:
    • Vinyl Covered drywall
    • Linoleum floors
    • Acoustical dropped ceilings
  • Sound attenuating walls, doors and windows
  • Fully self-contained plumbing for remote locations.
  • Water-less washrooms
  • Custom designed safety windows and glass
  • Windows designed to optimize sight lines
  • Ergonomic work stations and operator chairs
  • Roof mount cabs
  • Options for HVAC systems including classified and hazardous areas

Personnel Enclosure Overview

Personnel Enclosures Overview

Click on the image to download the printable overview of our personnel enclosures.
This sheet will inform you of our capabilities building quality enclosures for your next project.


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“They were very professional, accommodating and easy to deal with. The staff at ST was very knowledgeable.”
“We had a very aggressive project timeline and Surround was the only group that said they could meet our deadline. They delivered on their promises and our project was completed on time and on budget.”
“I have been working with Surround Technologies for the past 3 years. They were very professional, accommodating and easy to deal with...”
"The project was completed on time given the challenges and on budget according to the technical specification. Working with them was better than with some other suppliers…"
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