For over 20 years, Surround Technologies Inc. has been the leading manufacturer, designer and integrator of custom enclosures, oil field skids and related products for commercial and industrial applications. In the past five years we have expanded our capabilities to include engineering, design and manufacturing of:

  • E-Houses – for complete/integrated electrical gear
  • Mechanical Houses for sophisticated mechanical pumps, HVAC, etc
  • Personal use buildings housing offices, control rooms, lavatories etc.

Our capabilities include the full spectrum of professional services including:

  • Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • General Arrangement and production drawings
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Full Quality Assurance/Quality Control


April 2011 Surround Technologies was acquired by AdvanTec Global Innovations. (  AdvanTec’s expertise in industrial and marine technologies has helped to expand the knowledge base of experience available to Surround giving us a broader range of solutions to our customers

Surround Technologies gives our clients a complete, cost effective solution. 

STI delivers a “plug and play” solution which dramatically reduces the cost and time of traditional on-location construction.

Every Surround Technologies’ project is backed by our Assured Service & Quality Guarantee. (link to page)

Surround Technologies is a member of Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) and the Consortium for Manufacturing Excellence that shares technologies and resources to stay in the forefront of today’s fast changing market requirements.



“We toured Surround Technologies facilities in Maple Ridge BC and we were very impressed at the scope of the operation...”
“They were very professional, accommodating and easy to deal with. The staff at ST was very knowledgeable.”
“We had a very aggressive project timeline and Surround was the only group that said they could meet our deadline. They delivered on their promises and our project was completed on time and on budget.”
"The project was completed on time given the challenges and on budget according to the technical specification. Working with them was better than with some other suppliers…"
“Surround Technologies gave us a “plug and play” solution, eliminating a lot of site work which would have escalated the costs. It worked out well and was the right way to go.”